Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Spa Sydell, Reina Bermudez, Health, Wellness–Results


Reina Bermudez, CEO of Spa Sydell, graciously joins this episode of the Intrepid Lifestyle show. Her conversation with Bill and Todd explains a myriad of benefits from spa treatments (beyond the obvious “because it feels good”).

This conversation will help you understand:

*Actual HEALTH benefits of spa treatments
*Why Spa Sydell employs a SURGEON on staff
*Why more men are visiting the Spa
*How corporations are engaging Spa Sydell (HINT: up to 300 people at a time!)
*The Venus Freeze treatment, as featured on Rachael Ray & The Doctors
*Treatments that no other spa offers
*What motivates Spa Sydell to be so heavily involved in giving back to the community
*Their next big, BIG plans

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Bill Ramsey

BILL RAMSEY's curiosity has led him through pursuits in Ministry, Photography, Writing, Speaking, and Salesmanship. Along the way, Bill has gleaned an exotic collection of insights from his wildly diverse encounters. Bill lives in Canton, GA, with his first girlfriend/wife of 14 years, and 3 entrepreneurial kids. He brushes his hair with a safety razor.