Wednesday 5 October 2022
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#5: Don Dickson & the Texas School of Professional Photography

QUESTION: What happens when you combine 1,000+ Photographers, one of the largest Photography trade shows in the nation (exclusive to the attendees/not open to the public), and put them together for a week in Addison, Texas?


Episode #5 of the Intrepid Photography Radio Show features Mr. Don Dickson, Executive Director of TX School.

For the Photographer looking to hone his/her skills, and connect with others in the industry, Texas School is your opportunity. How popular is the school? On registration night, some classes fill to capacity within 5 seconds! Vendors give away over 50,000 dollars of goods (yes: FIFTY THOUSAND). Canon and Nikon offer free camera cleaning and limited repairs (yes: FREE). Have you wanted to test drive a new lens or camera? No problem–they’ll let you check it out while you’re there . . . for less than what it costs to read this post. Would a $10,000 lab credit help your bottom line? A few Photographers have even driven home new motorcycles from TX School.

Texas School . . . it’s kind of a big deal. See a glimpse of the learning and festivities in the slideshow at the bottom of this post.

Today’s conversation shines the light on one of the largest (and most fun) educational opportunities for the serious Photographer. Hear the inside story from Don, Executive Director for 19 years and counting.

Find out who’ll be teaching this year at The Texas School of Professional Photography by surfing over to

Block off the dates on your calendar now: APRIL 26-MAY 1, 2015.

And the infamous registration frenzy begins PRECISELY at 11 pm CST, January 3rd.

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