Friday 2 December 2022
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intrepidNOW’s Trade Show Radio

“It has without a doubt helped our bottom line; helped us increase revenue.”

Trade Show Radio is simple. We broadcast LIVE radio from your trade show / event exhibit. YOU get to invite the guests to appear on the show. These are the CEO’s/executives/decision-makers of the companies you want to do business with. In the end, you’ve spend QUALITY time with the prospects important to your organization.

Is there a better way to connect with the prospective companies you want to connect with at a trade show?

intrepidNOW, trade show radio

Speaking with GE in Chicago…

“Trade Show Radio has completely changed the way we prospect. It is now an intricate part of our strategy pertaining to trade shows.” [Publisher of VertMarkets]

intrepidNOW, Trade Show Radio

intrepidNOW, trade show radio

The purpose of intrepidNOW’s Trade Show Radio services enable you to achieve at least FIVE things:

    intrepidNOW, Trade Show Radio

  1. Add buzz and excitement to your presence at a trade show, association event, or user conference.
  2. Create hours of great digital content to integrate into your organization’s sales and 
marketing program.
  3. Provide your existing customers with a unique and memorable experience, provide 
them some marketing utility, and deepen your existing customer relationship.
  4. Provide your team with a clever strategy to connect with influencers (thought leaders, 
event hosts, sponsors, or journalists) in your market space who are attending the 
  5. Most importantly, provide you with the most unique, innovative, and non-threatening strategy to reach out to, connect with, and spend quality time with, your targeted business prospects.


Broadcasting in New Orleans…

Here are the five key benefits/opportunities that you get from our Trade Show Radio services:

  • The ability to contact targeted prospects, in a non-threatening, non-salesy manner, and invite them to appear on the show.
  • The opportunity, again pre-show, to contact them to discuss what they want to talk about on the air. This is a way to achieve some market intelligence, in that you’ll learn about some issues important to your prospect, and achieve some additional “touches” pre-show.
  • You will provide your guests with a very memorable event experience. They won’t forget appearing on a radio show that you made happen. They will, however, forget all the tchotchkes they will pick up from all the other booths. They will probably even ask their colleagues to take a photograph of them on-set.
  • Most importantly, you now have an obvious, and welcomed, excuse to contact your guests post-show. You do, after all, have to get their audio files into their hands. Transitioning into the sales conversation has never been easier…
  • Finally, you’ll have hours of content you can now publish and distribute to your online and digital marketing channels. You should also encourage your guests to showcase their interview as well (see below)–


How it works:

We’ll broadcast LIVE from your booth at the trade show. And your organization will be the “sponsor” of the show.

We’ll set up our remote studio on site at your booth location. In advance of the show, you’ll be able to tell your targeted guests that “a national radio show will be broadcasting LIVE from our booth, and we’d love to extend an invitation to have you appear on the show!”

If you read between the lines, this is in essence, you setting up a sales call at the event itself with your key business targets. The great thing with these appointments? They will be coming to YOU…

intrepidNOW, Trade Show Radio

Creating obvious #buzz at a trade show…

If you have any questions, or want to learn more, please call 404.931.0969 or EMAIL HERE.


The broadcast team covering HIMSS15 from Chicago!