Thursday 19 September 2019
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#TalkHITwithCTG – Mike Bunch, Managing Director of Resource Management, CTGHS

This “#TalkHITwithCTG” series is brought to you by our partner CTG Health Solutions (CTGHS) and the episodes were broadcast...

Episode 9: #ICD10 Roundtable – Leading Social Media Voices Provide Advice

The #ICD-10 Roundtable: Discussing and debating the key challenges and opportunities from diverse perspectives (those advising the...

#12 Scott Robert Lim on Weddings & Success in Business

If you’ve wanted to hear from an internationally-recognized Photographer, one who has made his imprint in the world of wedding...

#ICD10 is still on Snooze, let’s WAKE IT UP? Are you in?

Open Line Friday: ICD-10 Edition ICD-10: A Prospective View from Two Social Media Pros Dec. 19, 2014

Do you have an Effective Online Presence?

Do you know–unequivocally–that your presence online is effective? Are you meeting your goals? What time frame should you expect...

Real Estate Tech Genius: Christopher Russ

When an IT Program & Project Manager applies his skills to the world of Real Estate, you have Real Estate Tech Genius. Meet Christopher...