Friday 5 June 2020
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visual communications

Communication Triage – Impactful communications, in a hurry!

In Episode 8, what is communication triage? When you have something VERY IMPORTANT to communicate, but VERY LITTLE time to make it happen....

visual communications

Visual communications. Without visuals.

In Episode 7, we learn how to create more impactful visual communications. Without visuals. How? By leveraging metaphors, thinking like a...

Finding your voice

Finding your voice to get out of me-tooville

In Episode 6, we learn how to Get Out of Me-Tooville! How to avoid the common scenario that EVERYONE is saying virtually the same thing in...

Slice Radio, intrepidNOW

SliceRadio: Chunking the hard stuff, simplifying the complex

In Episode 5, we learn how to “chunk the hard stuff,” sharing several frameworks that enable you to simplify the complex. We...