Thursday 21 October 2021
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intrepidNow’s #ICD10 Roundtable

This is a complete history of all our Roundtable discussions for the last 15 months as well as some editorials

Re-Cap of #GC3HIMSS Interviews

Re-Cap of the Interviews Conducted at the Gulf Coast HIMSS Chapters Fall Conference Dec 3-4 in New Orleans

Episode 13: #ICD10 Roundtable: Holly Cassano Discusses ICD-10 Impact on Medicare Advantage Plans

Episode 13 of our #ICD10 Roundtable:  We are excited to welcome Holly Cassano the #ICD10 Roundtable.  We are excited that Holly will...

Episode 12: #ICD10 Roundtable: Jim Hennessy Discusses Testing, Readiness and Lessons Learned

  Episode 12 of our #ICD10 Roundtable:  Jim Hennessy is another repeat guest on the #ICD10 Roundtable.  We are excited to have him...

Carl Ferguson, Managing Director of CTG Health Solutions on #TalkHITwithCTG at #HIMSS15

This “#TalkHITwithCTG” series is brought to you by our partner CTG Health Solutions (CTGHS) and the episodes were broadcast...

Re-Cap of Mississippi ICD-10 Collaborative 2015 Winter Meeting

February 18, 2015 Madison, MS

Dr. Chris Russell, Founder of NoteSwift, on Helping Physicians Improve Productivity

TODAYS GUEST Dr, Chris Russell, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of NoteSwift We discuss the following with Dr. Russell on this episode:...

Where was AMA and MGMA at the #ICD10 Congressional Hearing?

On Wednesday February 11, 2015 Congress held a hearing on #ICD10 and invited several high profile advocates of #ICD10. Suspiciously missing...

Dr. John Showalter and Leigh Williams of UMMC on #ICD10 Readiness at #GC3HIMSS

This series from The Gulf Coast HIMSS Chapters Fall 2014 Conference (#GC3HIMSS) is brought to you by our partner JVION.  JVION is proud to...

Episode 11: #ICD10 Roundtable: Adele Allison: Announcing #ICD10Now Workshops

Episode 11 of our #ICD10 Roundtable:  Adele Allison is another repeat guest on the #ICD10 Roundtable.  Her role on the front lines of...