Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Ray Costantini, intrepidNOW

Higher quality care, in less time. You might not even have to go to the doctor!

A thrill to welcome Ray Costantini to the show! Ray is the Co-founder and CEO of Bright.MD, which builds software that cuts the cost of...

Re-Cap of #GC3HIMSS Interviews

Re-Cap of the Interviews Conducted at the Gulf Coast HIMSS Chapters Fall Conference Dec 3-4 in New Orleans

Ride in Style with CDW Healthcare at #HIMSS15

We are excited to bring you this series from intrepid Healthcare on #HIMSS15.   We have HUGE plans ourselves for #HIMSS15 with some of...

Carl Ferguson, Managing Director of CTG Health Solutions at #GC3HIMSS

This series from The Gulf Coast HIMSS Chapters Fall 2014 Conference (#GC3HIMSS) is brought to you by our partner JVION.  JVION is proud to...