Wednesday 1 February 2023
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MD Burns Nash

MD Burns Nash on the Incubator

Joined in studio today by both Armand Kadima and Beverly Pryce, Partners of MD Burns Nash: A leading boutique consulting firm, specializing...

Restaurant Purchasing App

Mark Haidet of Orderly: A Restaurant Purchasing App

Joined in studio today by Mark Haidet, the CEO of Orderly, a restaurant purchasing app for ordering, invoicing & inventory. Notes and...

personal butler service

Thanks Geoffrey on the Incubator: Your personal butler service

Joined in studio today by Michael Patrick, Founder + CEO, of Thanks Geoffrey, your own personal and shared butler service! Notes and...

Leading the Way in Concierge Medicine with MDVIP

TODAYS GUEST Bret Jorgensen, Chairman and CEO of MDVIP Bret joined us to discuss Concierge Medicine as a continuation of our recent focus...