Friday 27 January 2023
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katie ryan, flatiron city, todd schnick

Incubator: Katie Ryan of FlatironCity – Spaces for NextGen Innovation

Joined in theINCUBATOR today by Katie Ryan, the General Manager of FlatironCity. From their website: The new office model will place...

Todd Schnick, intrepidNOW, Atlanta Tech Village

Incubator: Erin Rosintoski of Atlanta Tech Village: Impacting 10,000 jobs in Atlanta

Joined in theINCUBATOR today by Erin Rosintoski, the Community Manager at the Atlanta Tech Village! From their website: “Our mission...

TenRocket, incubator, intrepidNOW

Incubator: Tenrocket: The power of crap ideas

Joined in theINCUBATOR today by Justin Richards, Co-Founder of Tenrocket and Alex Torres, a designer with 352 Inc. “Ideas are great,...

Aditya Somani, intrepidNOW

Incubator: Aditya Somani: Identification (and security) made simple.

Joined in theIncubator today by Aditya Somani Co-Founder of Ample Biometrics, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Ample Biometrics is the first...

shortweb, intrepidNOW

Incubator: Shortweb: Highlighting the important content on the internet

Joined in theIncubator today by Miguel Oller (CEO + Co-Founder) and Ricardo De Andrade (Co-Founder) of Shortweb, headquartered in Atlanta,...

intrepidNOW, incubator

Incubator: The DigitalCrafts approach to an accelerated, immersive code school

Joined in theIncubator today by Jake Hadden (Partner and Student Services Director) and Max McChesney (Partner and Campus Director) of...