Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Are You Content With Your Content?

In this corner… It feels like a 20-round fight. ding, ding ding. As a marketing professional, it often feels like I consistently...

HR Shared Services

Why So Many HR Shared Services Initiatives Leave Money on the Table

From Guest Writer, Jim Scully, President of HR Shared Services Institute… In all honesty… As a 20-year practitioner, consultant...


Move Away from Gossip

“How rude.” Every single day, we are exposed to rude people – those who think they are smarter or deserve more than the...

Rayanne - Gist

The Fear of Personal Evolution

The Fear of Personal Evolution The Wisdom Found in Personal Growth For many of us, walking into a room of people we don’t know can be...

Scott Jordan: Promote with Passion

It was our pleasure to welcome Scott Jordan, CEO of SCOTTeVEST to Intrepid Business!  Scott recently joined us to discuss her book,...