Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Teaching Project Management to Part-Time PMs

Practical Project Management


Charlette Wynn,  the CEO of P3 Delivery, is our guest and we will learn about how and why Charlette has created a one-day project management course which is designed for the “Non-Project” Manager who is always tasked with project activities but have never received formal training.


Specifically, we discuss the following with Charlette in this episode:

  1. (1:12) Give us a little background, why did you feel it was important to create training for those that are assigned projects in addition to their other duties?
  2. (2:21) What topics do you cover in the training?
  3. (3:28) I’ve prepared a presentation on why project’s fail that I’ve been asked to deliver many times and one of the key reasons that project’s fail is that many stakeholders in projects have little to no understanding of the art or science of Project Management?  Is one day enough to teach the basics of Project Management?  Or are you trying to whet their whistle so to speak to begin to know what they don’t know?
  4. (6:21) What has the response been like so far?  Are you getting lots of interest?
  5. (7:26) I know that you recently had a class in Washington, DC and one in Atlanta.  Do you have any future classes planned?  What if somebody wanted you to do the class at their location?

Rapid Fire Round  

We ask these same questions to all of our guests.

  • (9:17) What is the single best piece of project management advice you’ve ever received?
  • (9:46) How many times per year do you refer to the PMBOK?
  • (10:51) What is your most valuable project management resource?

About Charlette Wynn

Charlette is a Change Leader with 20 years of consulting and project/program management experience. She has held leadership positions at companies such as AT&T, GE Capital, Deloitte Consulting, Electronic Data Systems, Travelport and is now the President and CEO of P3Delivery.

Charlette has led a wide range of projects in the public and private sectors across the globe (Brazil, Canada, England, France, Spain, Sweden and the US). Referred to as “Action Jackson”, she is known for successfully delivering high impact organizational efficiency, process optimization, performance management, change readiness and continuous improvement programs. Her leadership experience also includes strategy development, Lean and Six Sigma initiatives, presentations to C-Level executives, project prioritization, roadmap planning, facilitation of workshops and training to a variety of audiences.

Charlette’s corporate, Big Five consulting and entrepreneur experiences have been the foundation to her success. She has the ability to effectively translate long-term strategic vision and separate initiatives into a balanced integrated program of change. She is a demonstrated leader who can direct individuals and teams towards a common vision and has a consistent track record of exceeding performance expectation. Wynn obtained her Bachelors of Science Degree (Business Administration – Marketing and Sales Management) from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan. She has also received the Six Sigma Black Belt, Program Management (PgMP), Project Management (PMP), Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 and BenchmarkPortal Call Center Auditor certifications.

Check out P3 Delivery and connect with Charlette on LinkedIN!

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