Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Learning Agile from the Expert

Practical Project Management

Learning Agile from the Expert


Hamid Shojaee, the Founder of Axosoft and Product Manager of GitKracken, joined Practical Project Management to assist in our pursuit of Learning Agile from the Expert.


Specifically, we discuss the following with Hamid in this episode:

  1. (2:11) We are learning that paying attention to culture is so important with Agile. How does Axosoft specifically help manage an Agile project management culture?
  2. (3;04) What can you tell us about your own project management needs as you built your Axosoft product from the ground up which essentially led you to build software that is now being used on a global scale?
  3. (4:27) What is a mistake or two that you made in implementing Agile?
  4. (7;38) How does communication play into successful agile project management? And how does Axosoft help teams accomplish this?
  5. (10:00) How does Axosoft help teams curate and evaluate customer data, another foundational value of Agile methodology?
  6. (10:51) How do you see project management evolving, particularly in tech?

Rapid Fire Round  

We ask these same questions to all of our guests.

  • (13:10) What is the single best piece of project management advice you’ve ever received?
  • (13:28) What is your most valuable project management resource?

About Hamid Sojaee

Hamid is a software engineer, turned serial SaaSpreneur; he’s created 5 successful SaaS products and even more failures. Along the way, he’s learned a thing or two about what it takes to ship great software on-time and on-budget. Today he spends his time utilizing that knowledge as CEO of PureChat: a live chat software, as VP of Product for GitKraken: a cross-platform Git client, and as the Founder of Axosoft: a suite of Scrum project management tools.

Check out Axosoft and connect with Hamid on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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