Friday 2 December 2022
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Walk the Wild with Scott Cundy & Wildland Trekking Company

Scott Cundy of Wildland Trekking Company

Scott Cundy of Wildland Trekking Company

WARNING: This is the conversation that will motivate you to leave work IMMEDIATELY and explore spectacular scenery. So technically, although there’s no profanity nor nudity, this conversation may be considered “not safe for work,” or at least “not safe for working.” Your mind is about to wander into the wilderness. Your feet should follow it there.

Scott Cundy, CEO & Co-Founder of the Wildland Trekking Company joins the Intrepid Lifestyle Show. He explains the adventure that he and his team provide: “unforgettable hiking experiences.”

Hear Scott discuss:

*Some amazing places you may or not know about.
*The role of adventure versus risk in your own life.
*How to have a successful trip if you’re new to outdoor adventures.
*The unique organization of the Wildland Trekking Company for its employees.

While your mind wanders away from work, be sure to check out the Wildland website.

And special thanks to Raynor Czerwinski for introducing our audience to Scott! If you missed it, click here to hear our earlier conversation with Raynor on the Intrepid Photography Radio Show.

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