Monday 16 May 2022
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The intrepid Lifestyle Guys Wine Tasting

In this special edition of the intrepid Lifestyle, the entire group (some would say a “super bevy”) comes together for the arduous task of tasting two delicious red Zinfandels from the personal wine collection of Correspondent Joe Lavelle.  Join the guys as they swirl, sip, sniff, and quaff these Zins from the Napa Valley winery VGS-Chateau Potelle.  The 2005 and 2010 Zins prove to be perfect examples of the importance of aging and how time changes a wine.  Beyond just drinking, the guys discusses the importance of aging a wine collection, how to store your bottles so they can be enjoyed in years to come, and the need to take time to enjoy what the vintner put in the bottle.

guysGiven what we learn in today’s episode, we are confident that the head wine maker at VGS, M. Jean-Noël Fourmeaux du Sartel, would be fine with the pairings the guys discovers for these wines.   Specifically, the guys judged that the 2010 red Zinfandel would pair best with saucy barbecued ribs, while the 2005 would need the robustness of a pork chop.  What does this mean for those without these delicious wines?  Good living is about taking time to enjoy yourself and we should all feel free to pair a fancy red wine with some classic American BBQ.  No tradition is worth preserving if it isn’t worth savoring.

Discussions Topics from Today’s Conversation:

  • The unique meaning behind the VGS label and how not to request a bottle from your local wine store.  When you hear what VGS means, you will know why you shouldn’t just yell for a bottle.
  • The innovative business strategy employed by VGS-Chateau Potelle to effectively use their wine club as a marketing tool to spread the word about their small Napa winery.
  • A long term challenge for the very brave and patient: aging a case of wine and enjoying a bottle annually so that the evolution of the flavor can be discovered.
  • Why older wines need air and how to decant an aged wine to perfection.
  • Why wine lovers should get their hands dirty and try a winery trip that involves a lesson in blending.  You will be surprised what an 1% change can do to an entire bottle.
  • The perfect cigar for week-old strawberry wine.

The wines of VGS-Chateau Potelle can be found at:


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