Friday 2 December 2022
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Stacy Cross on Rocky Patel Cigars

STACY CROSS  photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Cigar Lovers, today is your day!

Stacy Cross from Rocky Patel joins us today on the intrepidNOW Lifestyle show. Tune in today to learn:

*The life cycle of a cigar
*One of the most AMAZING bucket-list trips that you haven’t yet taken (but should!)
*The story of Rocky Patel (an actual person) and his transition from India, to Wisconsin, to celebrity lawyer, to Cigar Magnate
*Rocky’s involvement & fight for Cigar lovers in America
*Bill’s go-to cigar for a group of non-cigar smokers
*The unveiling of a CIGAR-CRUISE!
*Rocky’s new ventures (bigger than you think)

Keep in the know, and learn even more at . . . and follow Stacy on Twitter: @RPcigars_Stacy

And to hear more from the intrepidNOW Lifestyle show–be certain to click here.



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