Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Pinot Noir: A Sean Minor take on California vs. Oregon

larry sobleAlways a joy to welcome Larry Soble back to the studio. Larry is the Sales Manager East for Sean Minor Wines. We were also joined by Dreamland Radio Network correspondent Joe Lavelle.

Late last year, Sean Minor launched a new Oregon Pinot Noir. And we decided to taste and compare a Pinot from California, and one from Oregon. Joe and I were surprised at the difference. Larry explains why!

Additional notes from the conversation:

Sean Minor Wines: Top 50 most requested restaurant wines!
Why is Sean Minor producing an Oregon pinot?
Why hand-picked fruit matters.
Why you should seek a Dijon-clone wine.
An On-Air tasting! What are the differences between an Oregon pinot, and a California pinot? And how different are the food pairings? [Warning: this makes your mouth water.]
Why do some wines taste better after aging for a while? What exactly is happening there?
“Wine is a living thing, and you need to respect that.”
Finally, Joe and I vote on California vs. Oregon. Listen in to see where we come down!

Tasting notes:
2012 Point North Pinot Noir
2011 Pinot Noir Carneros

And you really should check out Larry’s A Day in the life in the wine industry. You’ll see a fascinating side to the business!


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