Friday 2 December 2022
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Michael Bryan, Vino Venue, and the Psychology of Pleasure

Vino Venue on intrepidNOW

Never fear, kind listener! You need someone to work and discuss wine from one of the coolest locations in the Atlanta Metro area. intrepidNOW is here to save the day. You’re welcome.

This is our second “official” conversation with Michael Bryan, Proprietor of Vino Venue, but in full disclosure: Bill and Todd are both big fans and regular visitors. We’ve enjoyed MANY conversations together.

What is “the psychology of pleasure?” How does a bottle of wine transport us to another place and time? How does a certain SITUATION completely change the experience of wine?

Hear Michael Bryan, Sommelier, answer the question, “what is your favorite wine?”

“I don’t have a favorite wine. I do, however, have a very valued collection of memories around wine.”

This is a profound idea, one that all wine lovers will appreciate.

Also hear Michael talk about the process of pairing food and wine . . . and how Michael is “officially letting our listeners ‘off the hook.'”

At the end of the conversation, you’ll hear Michael talk about the wines that Bill, Todd, & Michael enjoyed during the conversation. Todd and I agreed: Hearing Michael talk about wine is like listening to a bedtime story for adults.

FINALLY: if you are a business person: the final 5 minutes of the conversation are specifically for you!

Any wine lover/liker/somewhat-enjoyer should know Vino Venue! Learn more about them and all they offer at While there, be sure to sign up for the mailing list so you’ll hear about their special offers, and also about the amazing food events at Vino Venue.

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