Friday 27 January 2023
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Maximus, December 1, 2014



Maximus, an imaginative 8 year old who lives through the superhero inside us all to overcome the loss of his mom, keep his father safe and protect his friends from the neighborhood bully.

Everyone’s always thought of saving the world or being a superhero… Maximus was conceived out of wanting to bring attention to the problems with bullying and encourage kids to stand up for themselves, even shy kids like Maximus. He wears a superhero outfit, has a sidekick and uses some awesome gadgets to help save his friends and Matilda K. Reilly, his next door neighbor, whom he really, really likes. Oh, we can’t forget Max’s protector, Gracie, the Bloodhound!


Support the “Maximus” Kickstarter campaign – be a part of an amazing graphic novel, and support a campaign where 20% of the proceeds to America’s Homeless Veterans in Sacramento, Ca and the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center.


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