Saturday 22 January 2022
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Kimberly Walker: Old World + Central Coast Living!

kwJoined today in the club by Kimberly Walker, the founder of Wine Wipes / Borracha, and producer of Provoca Wines!

1. How “Wine Wipes” will change the world. At least for wine drinkers! Mitigating the problem of Malbec mouth and Tannin teeth!

2. Oh, and Dr. Oz approves!

3. The coming launch of 2012 Provoca “The Lunacy Club” wine! We hear about the blend and the nose of this new wine! Launching late July 2014 with 120 cases.

4. “Old World” wines coupled with fruit from California’s Central Coast. And why that matters.

5. “Wine made with passion.”

6. “Making wine should be an unconventional process and experience.”

7. Fulfilling a dream and living the good life: Kimberly also co-founded and helps operate the Granada Hotel + Bistro.

8. Plus Kimberly shares her advice on how to LIVE THE GOOD LIFE…


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