Wednesday 1 February 2023
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John Gerdy Continues the Debate of Football in Schools

John Gerdy Continues the Debate of Football in Schools

John Gerdy Continues the Debate of Football in Schools

It was our pleasure to welcome Dr. John Gerdy back to intrepid Lifestyle!  In this conversation we continue our conversation with Dr. Gerdy about why educational institutions need to continue their debate of whether their investments in Football make sense.

In our last conversation with Dr. Gerdy, he joined us to discuss his book, Ball or Bands: Football vs. Music as an Educational and Community Investment, which draws not only on relevant research and data but also John’s extensive experience in both Music and Sports.

Discussion Topics

  1. (2:55) Last time that you believe that there are some significant trends and changes that will greatly impact the future of football in America. Will you update us on some of those trends?
  2. (7:14) What’s your perspective on the efforts to make the game of football safer?
  3. (10:36) The last time we talked you told us about how in Europe, sports are tied to clubs vs. schools. How might the club system work for sports in junior highs and high schools in the US?
  4. (13:06) What’s your take on the future of college football? How do you see the future unfolding for the 130 or so FBS schools?
  5. (16:23) We are hearing reports that ratings are slipping for NFL broadcasts. DO you think the NFL will start to lose popularity?
  6. (17:39) I am sure that you know you are putting a target on yourself by calling out America’s most popular sport, what is your end goal in writing and talking about the down sides of football?

About John Gerdy

John Gerdy Continues the Debate of Football in SchoolsDr. John R. Gerdy serves as founder and executive director of Music For Everyone a non-profit dedicated to cultivating the power of music as an educational and community building tool in Lancaster County. Since 2006, MFE has invested almost $1 million in school and community arts organizations and initiatives to enhance music programs in Lancaster County, PA. He has authored five books, among them, Ball or Bands: Football vs. Music as an Educational and Community Investment (2014), Sports: The All-American Addiction (2002) and Air Ball: American Education’s Failed Experiment with Elite Athletics (2006). He has also been extensive published in journals and periodicals such as The Chronicle of Higher Education, Sporting News, Black Issues in Higher Education, NCAA News and College Board Review.

Dr. John Gerdy’s Latest Book

In Ball or Bands, author John R. Gerdy offers a thoughtful, thorough and clear-eyed comparative analysis of the educational value of football versus music programs in providing our children an education worthy of the 21st century. Drawing on relevant research and data, but also his extensive experience in both worlds, Dr. Gerdy poses a host of questions:

* Should our educational institutions be sponsoring activities that deaden and destroy brain cells and impair brain function?
* Should we continue to invest significant resources in football rather than, for example, music, which strengthens and develops neural connections and enhances brain function?
* Which extracurricular activities garner the best educational return on investment?

Be sure to get more information about Dr. John Gerdy and purchase his new book here: 


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