Monday 16 May 2022
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Internet Safety for Parents with Scott Driscoll

Internet Safety for Parents with Scott Driscoll

Internet Safety for Parents with Scott Driscoll

This interview is part of a special series by intrepidNOW Lifestyle on Internet Safety. The series is targeted at parents that know that they must protect their children from the dangers of online access but are not quite sure how.  We will interview the experts and share their prescriptive advice.

GUEST: Scott Driscoll, Founder and President of Internet Safety Concepts

Scott joined us to share his advice for parents on many aspects of internet safety.  Specifically, we talked with Scott about the following:

  1. (1:56) Let’s get right to it Scott, what are some new trends and techniques that are being used on-line by the predators and by our children?
  2. (3:06) What are the top 4-5 rules that you suggest parents should enforce regarding Internet connected devices?
  3. (4:28) What tools can you recommend to parents to manage and monitor their kids Internet activity?
  4. (7:28) What is some general advice that you can provide regarding social media for kids AND their parents?
  5. (8:25) What is some general advice that you can provide regarding Internet connected gaming systems?
  6. (9:30) YouTube is especially popular with my 10 year old right now and I am at wit’s end trying to prohibit his inappropriate use without killing his curiosity and quest for learning? Do you have any advice specifically regarding YouTube?
  7. (11:30) What age is appropriate for a kid to get their first smart phone?
  8. (13:56) In addition to bookmarking your site and keeping up with the thought leadership that you provide, what are some resources that parents should follow to keep up with the latest, most up to date information on internet safety?

Visit Internet Safety Concepts on the Web and follow Scott on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN.


About Internet Security Concepts (from

Scott Driscoll started his law enforcement career in 1989 and retired after 21 plus years. For the majority of his career, he has worked with the youth in his community to help them stay safe. Many years ago, Mr. Driscoll began teaching elementary school children about the dangers of the Internet. Seeing the growing need and concern for Internet safety, Mr. Driscoll developed programs for middle school and high school students as well as parentAs a law enforcement officer, Mr. Driscoll has taken part in numerous Internet crime investigations. Some of the crimes were undercover on-line investigations, possession and distribution of child pornography, on-line bullying and harassment, identity theft, enticement of minors and many others. Along with on-line investigations, Mr. Driscoll also has done forensic computer examinations for law enforcement agencies and instructs fellow law enforcement officials on how to use the Internet for investigations.

As a parent, Mr. Driscoll is also aware of the concerns that parents face every day. While speaking to parents, it became very clear that they needed this education to help keep their children safe. With firsthand knowledge of Internet crimes and the dangers of the world wide web, Mr. Driscoll started Internet Safety Concepts. Through presentations, Internet Safety Concepts teaches people of all ages how to stay safe while on-line.

On a regular basis, Mr. Driscoll gives presentations about Internet safety to parents, civic groups, school administrators, teachers and children.

In November 2010, Scott’s first book, co authored by Laurie Gifford Adams, was published. The book “www.R U In” is a guide for families and educators on what dangers lurk on the Internet and how we can all be safe.

The Internet is not going to go away; however, with awareness and education we can make the Internet a safer place.


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