Saturday 1 April 2023
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Eran Dror: Accepting life’s hard truths is key to happiness

Eran Dror, intrepidNOWJoin me for a conversation that will very likely change how you look at your life. Today, joined by author Eran Dror, author of The Book of Hard Truths.

Today’s discussion guide:

Uncertainty. Vulnerability. Death. Hard truths have a secret power over us. We’d rather ignore them. Like a virus in our mental software, they operate on the seams that bind the rational and the emotional, and that’s where they trap us. By running away we become their slaves. Only by accepting them can we become free. THE BOOK OF HARD TRUTHS helps readers confront these realities of life. It catalogues some of the most universally known but universally resisted hard truths in a fun and engaging format. It features some of the most unpleasant facts of life in a format geared towards systematic review and self-evaluation including:

Nothing is Permanent

You’re Not the Best

The Past is Gone

You’re Not Special

The Future in Uncertain

It’s Up to You

The Present is All You Have

Failure is an Option

You Can’t Do it All

People Can Hurt You

There’s Lots You Don’t Know

These “hard truths” are widely known and explored in religion & spirituality books, self-help books, psychology books, philosophy books, TED talks, etc. As Dror explains, he simply collected them, wrote them out as clearly as he could, and packagec them together in a new and compelling way. “I tried to create an emotional experience with the illustrations and the text, which will linger, “Dror writes. “My hope was that the book will provide a spark, which will get you thinking on your own about the truths you’ve been avoiding in your life”

Eran Dror is an Israeli-born writer, journalist, and designer who spent the past nine years in New York City. His first book, The Book of Hard Truths, is an illustrated guide to the most universally resisted aspects of life. Deets on Eran and his writing can be found here.

Find Eran’s book here:
The Book of Hard Truths: 16 Facts of Life We Should Learn to Accept


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