Friday 3 December 2021
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#DragonCon 2015: Getting your costumed fandom freak on!

Dragon Con serves as a convention for people who like unusual things and it certainly has its own culture, as Dan adds, “This started out as a place of refuge for people who liked things that weren’t necessarily mainstream like Dungeons and Dragons comic books. Flash forward 29 years and when you go to the cinema, you’re seeing a comic book movie because that’s what’s out there. We also have this inclusive welcoming concept that we are a safe zone for anyone who wants to come and explore their fandom, no matter what that fandom is.”

Not too late to get involved, CLICK HERE to learn more! Here’s a taste of what this great event has to offer:




Dragon Con is the largest fan-run convention in the world. In existence since 1987, Dragon Con welcomes costumed and non-costumed fans of comics, film, television, music, gaming and just about everything else to celebrate in a non-stop party atmosphere. Last year, the convention was estimated to have bought in more than $65 million in revenue to the city, and more than 65,000 attendees are expected at this year’s show. A wide variety of events are scheduled during the four-day celebration spanning five hotels.






This episode was originally published on the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio Show!


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