Sunday 27 November 2022
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Bucket List Trip – Day 2 – Departing Syros for Sifnos

Our captain Eric let us know at breakfast that he now thought that it would be possible to go to Santorini and everyone was excited about the news.

We decided to depart the port in Syros right after breakfast at around 9:30 and after motoring out of the harbor and around the island, we were able to sail the entire way from Syros to Sifnos. The seas we were pretty rough and my son got his first experience with motion sickness during the worst of the trip. I somehow slept through the excitement as I napped most of the way. Conveniently, I awoke as the seas were calming and as we were pulling into a well protected harbor in Glyphol, Sifnos. All of the boys, including Eric soon began enjoying snorkeling off the back of the boat. In comparison to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean does not have much to see, but we enjoyed seeing a few little fish and being able so see clear to the bottom from anywhere went.

In the late afternoon Eric arranged for a taxi to take us to the town of Apollonia where we intended to shop and to get a flavor of the local culture. Apollonia has been the capital of Siphnos since 1836. We soon found out that most of the shops were closed for the afternoon (3-6) and after walking from one end of town to the other enjoying the architecture, the churches and the views we found a rooftop tavern where we stopped to enjoy some wine and to explore more traditional Greek food. We ordered the one Cabernet on the menu which we soon found out was the same delicious Cab that we had the night before in Syros and we enjoyed the tavern’s version of Greek (cucumber and tomato) salad and a very delicious fried cheesecake. The cheesecake was not the kind you get at The Cheesecake Factory but a medium soft and flavored Greek cheese that had been fried (not breaded) just long enough to bring out the best in its flavor. The tavern was also a small art gallery which had mostly fantastic paintings of Greek landscapes. We resisted the temptation to purchase one, but I doubt that we will resist for the entire trip.

Joe LavelleWe met Eric and Nina back at a beachside tavern in the harbor where we were anchored and we enjoyed a fantastic meal ordered by Eric. While we waited for our food, we sat in amazement as a 25′ speed boat tried to tie up next between our dingy and a really nice Boston Whaler. It was clear that the kid navigating the speed boat was inexperience as he bumped into both our dingy and the Boston Whaler several times before deciding to move our dingy farther away from the Boston Whaler for an easier fit. Eric watched patiently until the kid was almost done and then walked over (50 yards maybe) and re-secured our dingy. It was interesting to see the entire episode occur with no conflict. I think it would be different where we live in the US.

After putting the boys to bed, we enjoyed a bottle of 2009 Paros Reserve Moraitos dry red wine that George had helped us pick out in Paros and we kept each other very entertained with stories of our crazy lives and crazy families.

One additional note: one of my favorite things about our trip is in learning the varied, long history of each island and how each has changed over the years. I encourage you to Google each island and read a brief history of each island as you read these posts. When I get better connectivity, I will include suggested links to the interesting historical facts.


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