Tuesday 21 September 2021
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Bucket List Trip – Day 7 (last) of Sailing – Departing Antiparos for Paros

For the final day of sailing we left the port in Antiparos and sailed a very short distance to an inlet which I believe is the second most scenic place in the world after Santorini.  I will let the pictures do the talking, but as we hiked up the cliffs around the inlet, in each direction and at every angle there was a postcard quality view.  And after snorkeling for a short time, we hiked for several hours to take full advantage of all the beautiful scenery that we would soon leave behind.  Sadly in the middle of the afternoon we got back on the boat and packed our things as Eric guided the boat the short distance back to the marina in Paros where our journey began 7 short days before.  We ended our day in Paros with another fantastic traditional Greek dinner.

I will let the pictures from Antiparos speak for themselves.  Keep in mind that as a photographer, I am a total amateur so the real views are even much more spectacular. Enjoy.

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