Friday 27 January 2023
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Bucket List Trip – Day 3 – Departing Sifnos for Folegrandos (instead … Sikinos)

Today was the day for improvising. First, Nina found out last night that her father had a heart attack in Athens and she arranged for her friend Maria to meet us in Sifnos to replace her for the remainder of the trip. Second, we had originally planned a three hour sail to Folegrandos, but the winds were really strong making it impossible to get into the port in Folegrandos after six hours of sailing so we sailed on to Sikinos instead.

Joe LavelleIt was a great day to observe nature for us. Before we left Sifnos, the boys went snorkeling and spotted an octopus at the bottom of the bay. Eric quickly garnered his snorkeling gear (within seconds) and dove to the bottom, stuck his has into the sand grabbed the octopus, held it tight as it released its ink, and then brought it back to the boat for everyone to see and touch. It was a definite Kodak moment and it started our day of backup plans just right. Just about an hour into the trip to Folegrandos we spotted four huge dolphins off the bow of the boat and the dolphins decided to play in front of us for about 10 minutes. They were beautiful and another unexpected delight. Just when we thought we used up our luck, we spotted an enormous sea turtle swimming by our boat. I am not sure exactly how big it was as we were moving fast and so was the turtle, but I would guess it was at least 3 1/2 long and with the rough seas it did not appear to be swimming as much as simply being taken by the waves.

The evening went off as usual. First a little snorkeling, then a trip into town to find a tavern for dinner, then a nightcap of good wine on the boat. Life is good on a sailboat in Greece and we are learning more about Greece, it’s history, and how to travel the islands than we could have imagined was possible.

Next up Santorini. We could see it from where we were in Sikinos.


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