Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Big Bottom Oregon Gin: Leading the Distilled Spirit Renaissance!

Always a pleasure to spend a few minutes with my friend, Ted Pappas. Ted is the owner of Big Bottom Distilling, and on today’s show, we talk about their first distilled product, Big Bottom Oregon Gin. We were also joined by Travis Schoney, Big Bottom’s Distiller + Production Czar.

Ted Pappas, Big Bottom

Discussion guide from today’s conversation:

Big Bottom Distilling just went through a major transition. We discuss what they did and why. And their future is very exciting!

We discuss the launch of their first distilled product, Big Bottom Oregon Gin! And we learned that even though it has only recently launched, it can already be classified as award-winning!

We go deep into the distilling process itself, how it works, how gin is made. And they explain why they use an all copper still, and how that produces better gin.

Further, the Big Bottom Gin is NOT the traditional Dry London Gin you might be familiar with, but rather, it is a slightly sweet gin with sixteen botanicals. Fascinating to hear the process of how they came up with Big Bottom method!

We discuss the fact that gin is very much an under-appreciated spirit, that we are in fact at the forefront of a renaissance of craft distilled spirits. The future is very bright, and very exciting!

Finally, we learn what’s coming next for Big Bottom Distilling (Hint: Brandy + Rum)!

Link to the official press release announcing the new gin!

Ted Pappas, Big Bottom, intrepidNOWThe Big Bottom Story:

Inspired by the craft spirit movement in Oregon, Ted Pappas opened the doors to Big Bottom Whiskey in 2010 as the premier independent bottler of whiskeys located in Hillsboro, Oregon. In the initial years, the company primarily focused on merchant bottling of bourbons and blended whiskeys along with specialty finished bourbons such as the multiple awards winning Port Cask Finished Bourbon. In 2013, Big Bottom released its brother brand, Calhoun Bros. Adventure Spirits. Under that brand, the first whiskey pouch in the US market was introduced along with a traditional Aged Rum.

The company continues to expand its operation and in 2014, the company began to distill their own spirits in addition to aging, blending, finishing and bottling their sourced whiskeys and aged rum. Big Bottom will be releasing their own line of distilled products that include whiskeys, gins, rums and brandies. They will continue to offer their exclusive Warehouse Series – a boutique line of limited production spirits only available through the Big Bottom tasting room.


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