Tuesday 9 August 2022
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Are you a Combatant Gentleman?

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Combatant Gentlemen

The founders, including Vishaal (middle)…

Who: Vishaal Melwani
What: CEO, Creative Director, Co-Founder
Where: Combatant Gentlemen

Combat Gent is your go-to resource to look great, be smart and to get it done.
Why spend your whole paycheck or your precious time shopping? We know you have better things to do.

Discussion topics from today’s show:

1. Vishaal’s family history in couture – and the impact that had on Combatant Gentlemen.
2. The story behind the founding of Combatant Gentlemen — the classic entrepreneurial “moment.”
3. The story behind the name. What exactly is a combatant gentleman?
4. The role Ari Gold played in the company. And its future!
Combatant Gentlemen5. How important is style to a man? To his confidence? To his attitude? To his ability to live the good life?
6. We discuss their new line of high-end denim.
7. “How can you possibly offer Hugo Boss/Saville Row quality clothes for the price you are selling them?” We discuss the process that will change men’s fashion forever…
8. The Uber of men’s fasion. How apps, called Haberdasher (now in private Beta), will change fashion forever.

To get more perspective on Vishaal’s manufacturing process and theory, check out his interview on our manufacturing show!


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