Wednesday 22 March 2023
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America’s Next Great Chef–Master Chef Logan


Logan & Gordon Ramsey

Logan & Gordon Ramsey

Here is the conversation that a few hundred thousand of my closest friends have wanted to hear! Fans of the hit FOX TV show Master Chef JR watched on season 2 as Master Logan and his bow tie marched to the 1st-place podium. Today Logan joins the intrepidNOW Network on the Bill & Mike on the Mic show.

If you’ve wondered:

*What has Logan been doing since then? What’s next for him/where will we see him again?
*How did he get his start? How did Dad’s love of reality TV and Mom’s extremely high mess-tolerance lead him to success? How did a peanut butter sandwich start it all?
*How did he learn more about food than most adults will EVER know?
*Other than cooking, what else occupies his time?
*How can you get your hands on some of Logan’s very own creations (coming soon!)?

If you want to keep up with one of the most active members of the social media network, find Logan online at, on Twitter here, on Instagram at loganjrchef, on Facebook here, or on his own Youtube Channel here.

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