Friday 27 January 2023
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#9 David Cobb of Photo Cascadia

David Cob

David Cob

Landscape Photographer, Educator, Long-Distance Hiker (long-distance=across Iceland!)–Mr. David Cobb joins episode #9 of Intrepid Photography Radio. Enjoy stories from his travel, and also how he creates work, literally, in his own backyard.

Of special note to the listener: Be sure to hear him talk about his involvement with Photo Cascadia, and how it has impacted his own career.

You’ll also hear how David fields a question from Bill’s 10 year-old son: “What advice would you give me as a kid who wants to be a professional landscape Photographer?”

Finally, hear some specific tips to help grow your own business.

If you’re looking to hone your own photo skills, one-on-one, with a top-tier Photographer, be sure to find David at Find David on Facebook HERE, or follow him on Twitter HERE.

–And don’t miss a WORLD of education at! These guys are insanely talented, and remarkably generous with all they’ve learned.

–And lastly: Sign up to hear more from Intrepid Photography Radio here.

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