Friday 27 January 2023
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#7: Steve Kozak: “What does it mean to be a ‘professional’ Photographer?”

Steve Kozak

Steve Kozak

What does it mean to be a “professional” photographer? How does one know?

Bill first discusses the 2 (extremely low) barriers to entry for the photographer/faux-tographer today. After his own admission of guilt, he then poses the question to Steve Kozak. Steve shares 9 THINGS THAT EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER SHOULD LEARN FIRST. After a passionate explanation of the 9, Steve then discusses his CHECKLIST FOR TURNING PRO–his suggestions for what every photographer needs to have in place before they decide to turn pro.

Will you design your career, or will you have a career by default?

If you’re a consistent listener to Intrepid Photography Radio, you’ll notice this conversation lasts longer than most. Why? Steve’s decades of experience working with emerging photographers gives him a message that needs to be heard! Scroll down and you’ll see the 2 lists that Steve provides. If you’re really striving to improve your craft and business, print the lists. Then, as you listen, take notes on the lists.

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And stay tuned for our next conversation with Cris Duncan! If you’ve wondered about the life of a working Photographer, you’ll hear it from him.

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9 Things Every Photographer Should Learn First
1. F-stops and Shutter speeds
2. Command over the camera
3. Science of Lighting
4. Art of Lighting
5. Command over Flash
6. The Art of Composition – The Abstract
7. Digital Finishing Arts
8. Communication
9. The Business of Photography

Checklist for Turning Pro: This is an outline of my suggestions for what photographers need to have in place before they decide to go pro.

1. The Fundamentals
A. Basic Camera Operation
B. Predict the results before you shoot
C. Repeat results consistently
D. Be comfortable with posing

2. The Art
A. Create Strong Compositions
B. Develop A Style
C. Become a “Storyteller”

3. The Business
A. Define Your Target Market
B. Establish Your “Practice”
C. Define & Project Your Professional Image
D. Finding Clients
E. Business Plan in Place

Bill Ramsey

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