Monday 16 May 2022
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#4: Tony Corbell on Intrepid Photography Radio

Tony Corbell

Tony Corbell

Have you ever photographed the American flag?

I didn’t ask if you’d photographed AN American flag–have you photographed THE American flag? THE Star-Spangled Banner. And did your photo reveal a previously-unknown relic of history that Betsy Ross left within the flag?

Episode #4 of Intrepid Photography Radio features Mr. Tony Corbell.

Not only will you hear the story of Tony and THE American Flag, you’ll also discover:

*His story from high-volume/low price Photographer to the business he runs today
*Some of the Photographers that Tony admires & watches
*Tony’s advice to anyone working in the industry
*A discussion about the importance of the CRAFT of Photography and how it relates to the ART
*Why his seminars have consistently sold-out–for 20 years!

Incidentally: At the end of the conversation, you’ll hear Tony discuss his involvement with the Texas School of Professional Photography. Stay tuned for episode #5 of Intrepid Photography Radio, where you’ll hear from Don Dickson, Executive Director of the TX School.

To learn more about Tony, find him at

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