Wednesday 22 March 2023
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#2: Sean Bagshaw on the Work of a Landscape Photographer

“What would surprise people most about the life of a landscape photographer?”

Sean Bagshaw, full-time Photographer and Instructor, gives 2 answers you might not expect (it IS a surprise, after all).

He also answers the question of Bill’s 10-year-old: “What advice would you give me to make a living as a landscape photographer?”

Sean’s work is showcased in private galleries worldwide, and included in Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Learn how we transitioned from Middle School Teacher into a full-time photographer. Now non-commissioned Photographer, Sean self-assigns all of his projects. Hear his story to learn:

*What conditions does he love for photography?
*That he doesn’t photograph a place or an object, instead he photographs LIGHT. What kind of light? How can you identify it yourself?
*Some of the photographers that he admires.
*How you can access an ENORMOUS library of photographic education that he’s published–free!
*How YOU can spend time in person with Sean–on location with a camera, or inside with Photoshop.

Hear the story of the photograph below–how it wasn’t “supposed” to happen, and how it eclipsed the rest of his trip.

Red Willow Sea

Red Willow Sea

Do yourself a favor and learn more about Sean at Keep up with his goings-on through his robust Facebook page. Learn a wealth of information from Sean and some of his close friends at

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