Friday 27 January 2023
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#15: Matt Treager–Documentary Photographer

Matt Treager

Matt Treager

Episode #15 of Intrepid Photography Radio features the adventures of an Editorial & Documentary Photographer: Mr. Matt Treager.

If you’ve dreamed of using your camera to raise awareness, document an event, all while preserving a slice of history, then Matt is your Muse.

*Learn how this Engineering student took his education and career in a wildly different direction.
*Hear about the importance of creating work that YOU love, not simply work for clients.
*Understand the portrait project that features persons across the world, including a tidbit of advice from each person photographed.
*Get an inside look into The People of the Bakken Project. [This is the project that first caught Bill’s attention & led to this interview.] How has the oil boon/fracking of the Bakken Shale Formation impacted the people of N. Dakota & Eastern Montana? What discovery has surprised Matt most? What advice does Matt give to Photographers looking to document a highly-emotional topic?
*How is video changing the world of the Photographer?
*Not one to document “cutest kittens on the planet,” learn what’s next on Matt’s radar.

See more of Matt’s work, and stay abreast as he publishes more work at His website: You’ll find him on Twitter @treager.

And learn more about life here at intrepidNOW by clicking here.

And email Bill with your suggestions/complaints/recommendations for the Intrepid Photography Show:

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BILL RAMSEY's curiosity has led him through pursuits in Ministry, Photography, Writing, Speaking, and Salesmanship. Along the way, Bill has gleaned an exotic collection of insights from his wildly diverse encounters. Bill lives in Canton, GA, with his first girlfriend/wife of 14 years, and 3 entrepreneurial kids. He brushes his hair with a safety razor.