Wednesday 22 March 2023
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#14 Woody Walters, Film & Digital Photo Artist

"EDNA" by Woody Walters

“EDNA” by Woody Walters

Woody Walters joins episode 14 of Intrepid Photography Radio. Among other tidbits, you’ll hear him explain how his work with Ansel Adams and the study of Jimmy Hendrix has shaped his career.

A lifelong Photographer,  A few highlights from today’s conversation:

*The story of a college kid, a camera, a cow-cursing elderly woman (pictured above), and the friendship that ensued.
*A brief discussion of the Zone System and how it’s fundamental in Woody’s work
*THE key secret to making a performance of an image–according to Ansel Adams
*Woody’s absolute, unequivocal advice to anyone interested in Photography
*An explanation of the creation of a digital composite

To learn more about Woody and his work, find him online at [Or listen to the show for his phone number, and call him directly.]

And to hear more from the IntrepidNOW Network, click on this free, clickable link.

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  1. Bob

    Hearing Woody’s learning from Ansel Adams was enlightening. Thank you for sharing this. I feel like I got to sit across from him and talk. Wonderful. Personal. Insightful. Thanks.

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