Friday 27 January 2023
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#10 Thomas Petillo and the work of Commercial Photography

Thomas Petillo, photo courtesy of Joshua Black Wilkins

THOMAS PETILLO, photo courtesy of Joshua Black Wilkins

Episode #10 of Intrepid Photography Radio takes a different turn from previous conversations with Portrait and Landscape/Nature Photographers.

Thomas Petillo of Nashville, TN, gives insight into his world of a Commercial Photographer. Every image that we see on a billboard, in a magazine, at the mall–they’ve all been created by someone in the Commercial world. Maybe you’ve seen some of Thomas’ work at Dillard’s, on Amazon, or Saks Fifth Avenue. Or maybe you’ve seen some of his fine art work in a traveling gallery. Or on a CD cover.

Today’s conversation will walk you through Thomas’ path to his current career. Then you’ll hear him dodge his “least favorite question.” After that, you’ll hear some disparaging words about our mutual friend Chuck, followed by Thomas’ tips for success in Commercial Photography. Finally, Thomas answers Matt’s question: “With no contacts in the industry, how do I get into Commercial work?”

Special thanks to Joshua Black Wilkins for Thomas’ really cool head shot.

Catch up with Thomas online at or on his Facebook page here.

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