Tuesday 30 May 2023
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#1: fStop Gear with Sinh Truong and Sean Bagshaw

WELCOME to the inaugural episode of the Intrepid Photography Show!

This is the show that spotlights the who and what in the world of Photography. It couldn’t be more appropriate, then, that our first episode showcases BOTH.

Sinh Truong of Fstop Gear takes a few minutes to discuss the extraordinarily cool bags that they make for the Photographer.

“Camera Bags?” you ask. “How interesting can that be?”

Fstop Gear makes camera bags like NASA makes paper airplanes.

If you’re still skeptical, hear what Sean Bagshaw has to say about their products! Sean is the guy, not on the payroll, who excitedly volunteered to join the conversation. [HINT: Sean’s work appears in numerous magazines you’ve seen, and his artwork adorns walls across the world. You’ll hear more about him in the next conversation, episode #2.]

Check out all that FStop Gear has to offer, including several new products by clicking here.

And get a look at Sean, featured in episode #2, here.

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Bill Ramsey

BILL RAMSEY's curiosity has led him through pursuits in Ministry, Photography, Writing, Speaking, and Salesmanship. Along the way, Bill has gleaned an exotic collection of insights from his wildly diverse encounters. Bill lives in Canton, GA, with his first girlfriend/wife of 14 years, and 3 entrepreneurial kids. He brushes his hair with a safety razor.

2 thoughts on “#1: fStop Gear with Sinh Truong and Sean Bagshaw

  1. Josh Tate

    “Fstop Gear makes camera bags like NASA makes paper airplanes.”

    So true! I recently bought the Loka after seeing the review on the bag. Best investment I ever made, such good quality.

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