Sunday 3 July 2022
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#11 Walter Eagleton, Renaissance Man Photographer

The Hands That Shaped My Heart by Walter Eagleton

The Hands That Shaped My Heart by Walter Eagleton

One of the most well-liked Photographers in the Portrait Business, Walter Eagleton, joins episode #11 of Intrepid Photography Radio. Walter’s connections in the photography world have been fundamental in the growth of this show (several of his friends have been guests), so it’s FINALLY time to showcase this modern-day Renaissance Man.

If you’re a consistent listener of the show, you’ll notice this is a longer conversation than normal. Why? Walter gives us a seasoned insight into several key topics! Among other subjects, you’ll hear Walter explain:

*His serendipitous entrance into the business of Photography
*His fast growth plan to success (if you don’t have a long time to succeed, listen up)
*The story of “the most important photo I think I’ve ever created” (shown above)
*How NOT to grow a business
*What is REAL.PROFESSIONAL.PHOTOGRAPHY.? To whom does it matter?
*Finding the ideal client
*How to grow a business while serving your community–and how this shaped Walter’s career
*Walter’s newest adventure and the marriage between great food, wine, and France

Learn more about Walter’s work at or at

And as I promised in the show, HERE is the SIGN UP HERE link that you’ve been dying to see. You’re welcome.

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