Monday 3 October 2022
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On Arbor’s Tim Peterson: Bitcoin and the future of publishing

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Tim PetersonWHO: Dr. Tim Peterson
WHAT: Founder + CEO

Today’s discussion guide:

1. What is Bitcoin? In laymen’s terms…

2. How does a scientist and molecular biologist become an entrepreneur?

3. What is ON ARBOR [a publishing, validation, and monetization platform]

4. What is the future of publishing?

5. What are the struggles behind academic publishing?

6. What are the advantage to integrating Bitcoin into your publishing program?

7. Does scale matter?

8. The real power behind transforming publishing is in the microtransactions: buying books for less than one penny. What impact can this have?

About Tim Peterson:

Tim Peterson is a scientist at Harvard, Ph.D. Biology MIT, and co-founder of On Arbor.


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