Tuesday 9 August 2022
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Sean Gordon: The Future of “Human” Marketing and Sales Automation

Sean Gordon’s passion is ensuring that his customers and employees win every day. Sean is the CEO of Intelliverse.

He drives Intelliverse to exceed the expectations of every customer with cloud communications solutions that leverage the most current technologies and are reinforced by a world-class customer experience. Sean joined Intelliverse in 2012 from West IP Communications where he was most recently Vice President and over the past 11 years helped turn a $30 million unknown company into a $1.5 billion industry leader. He also held various leadership positions at AT&T, EMC and Nortel Networks Corporation.

Discussion topics on today’s show:

1. Big data and business analytics solutions – using big data to make immediate business decisions.

2. How IT departments can quickly interpret big data for real-time results, including the technology, processes and people needed for both small and large businesses.

3. Intelliverse’s software and solutions that help with big data interpretation.

4. What companies are doing with big and small data currently and how they can better use it in the future.


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