Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Genna Keller: Marketing now rather than later

A real pleasure to welcome Genna Keller to the show! Genna is a Principal with Trevelino/Keller, a public relations and digital marketing agency.

Genna Keller, Todd SchnickSome notes from our discussion:

A conversation around marketing for technology startups and/or product launches:

The role that PR and advertising plays in this; do you need it?

“There is validity in thought leadership…”

Is it true.. if you build it, will they come?

“When you write your first line of code, you should also write your first line of content…”

When launching a new product, when should companies think about marketing? From Day one? Right from the beginning, you are building your brand…

“Don’t build a product in a vacuum…”

Where does “stealth mode” fit into the lifecycle?

“It’s all about hand-to-hand combat…”

How do you know when a product is ready to go to market?

Where should marketing emphasis be placed? Initial customers or scaling?

What are a few key marketing must-haves?

About Genna Keller:

Genna is principal of Trevelino/Keller a public relations and digital marketing agency. Her 23 years of agency experience, from global firms to her own agency, has offered her the opportunity to work with significant organizations and brands at important times. She has worked with established brands from Genesco, BP and Target to more than 75 startups, all trying to disrupt or grab a slice of an industry segment.

Genna has had a rich agency life. With a start in technology, followed by a global agency run with Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, her career over the last decade has included a significant focus around new media, national launches and local market engagement. Her vision for the future of communications resides around reputation marketing—the intersection of reputation management and digital marketing.


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