Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Dave Blakey and Snapt: Changing the way you do things

A thrill to welcome Dave Blakey to the show. Dave is the CEO of SNAPT: Load balancing, web acceleration, and application firewalling.

Dave Blakey, Snapt, intrepidNOWAs the industry shifts from hardware to cloud-based software solutions, Snapt helps forward-thinking IT organizations protect business-critical applications, avert network security crises, and easily adapt to new virtualized applications, environments, and infrastructures.

We discuss how business needs to rethink it’s digital and online positioning, and how Snapt can be a pivotal player here. Dave shares Snapts growth trajectory as well as some new product launches we should be aware of.

In addition, we also discuss, in depth, the Atlanta startup tech scene, and why Snapt is digging in here, and placing its U.S. operations headquarters here in town. We also mention a little about Snapt’s Atlanta-based investors.

Dave Blakey, intrepidNOW

Dave Blakey

About Dave Blakey:

Dave founded Snapt in 2012 and currently serves as the company’s CEO. Under Dave’s leadership, Snapt achieved a 400% annual growth rate in 2014. Snapt now provides load balancing and acceleration to more than 10,000 clients in 50 countries. High-profile clients include NASA, Intel, and various other forward-thinking technology companies.

A self-made, serial entrepreneur from Johannesburg, South Africa, Dave previously launched Opteq International, a global hardware networking company.

Dave received his A+ computer technician certification at age 11, the youngest candidate certified globally at the time. At age 13, Dave was certified as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), the youngest person certified at the time in the southern hemisphere.

Today, Dave has evolved into a leading open-source software-defined networking thought leader, with deep domain expertise in high performance (carrier grade) network systems, management, and security solutions. He is a passionate advocate for advancing South Africa’s start-up ecosystem and expanding the global presence of the country’s tech hub.


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