Monday 3 October 2022
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Chuck Ganapathi: The true facilitation of human business

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Chuck GanapathiJoined today by Chuck Ganapathi, Founder + CEO of Tactile (link).

He joined me to discuss his organizations first app, Tact: Finely tuned to your sales workflow, Tact brings CRM together with your email, calendar and phone so you can move effortlessly from one customer moment to the next. Use it one time and you’ll see why they call it Salesflow.


Built a tool that truly syncs with your CRM, to make your CRM a tool that finally serves you the way you really want to us it.

CRM deployments used to take months and months. Very different now. If you use it right…[and only 33% of you are using your CRM correctly…]

The leap from main frames, to desktops, to mobile.

“About the true facilitation of the human side of business.”

The THREE flaws in CRM utilization:
1. Design communication.
2. The technology itself.
3. The psychological problem.

Chuck discusses the FIVE KEY WAYS people demolish their critical business relationships. This is worth the listen alone!


Chuck is the founder and CEO of Tactile. He incubated the idea for Tactile while serving as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Accel Partners. Previously, Chuck was Senior Vice President, Products at and led one of the largest product-development efforts in the company’s history. He was responsible for the company’s flagship Sales Cloud, Chatter, and Mobile products.


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