Wednesday 22 September 2021
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Bruno Lowagie: The possibilities of programmable PDF software

Pleased to welcome Bruno Lowagie, the Founder of iText to the show!

iText is an open source library that allows you to create and manipulate PDF documents. It enables developers looking to enhance web and other applications with dynamic PDF document generation and/or manipulation.

Bruno Lowagie, Todd Schnick, intrepidNOWDiscussion guide from today’s conversation:

What is iText? What makes it unique?

What was your initial goal when developing iText?

What was it like when iText first started and how has it has evolved?

Explain what a developer library is.

Why are developer libraries important? Why are they getting more popular among developers?

How do you build a business around a developer library?

What makes iText the best developer library? What do you do to help it stay that way?

Everyone uses PDF every day, but what is so special about it? Is there anything we don’t know about it?

Briefly describe the evolution of PDF technology since you first began working with it. What’s the most significant change?

Why is PDF becoming so important to both businesses and government? What challenges is it solving?

What is an ISO standard? Why are standards important?

How are you trying to improve the world with iText/with PDF?

What can we expect in the future from Bruno and iText?

Bruno Lowagie Book 05-12-15About Bruno Lowagie:

Bruno is the founder of iText, an open source library for the generation and manipulation of PDF. Bruno is the author of several books, such as “iText in Action” (Manning Publications) and the “ABCs of PDF” (available on Leanpub). He is an active member of the ISO committee responsible for the PDF standard (ISO-32000).


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