Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Brooks Robinson: Marketing optimization made easy

A pleasure to welcome my friend Brooks Robinson, the Co-founder and CEO of Springbot, to the show! Springbot integrates and makes simple the data, content and multi-channel marketing tools (social, online, email, etc.) eCommerce stores need to drive more traffic, conversions and overall revenue.

intrepidNOW, Brooks RobinsonThe Six Key Takeaways from today’s conversation:

1. You assume an Amazon uses big data with it’s e-commerce strategy, but now, small to medium-sized organizations can use it to? What impact will that have?

2. The future of marketing automation.

3. Now, small to medium-sized organizations can play in the big leagues.

4. The future of e-commerce, and what else is possible?

5. We talk some strategy about how to best leverage tools like Snapchat for your e-commerce store.

6. The strengths of launching a startup in Atlanta.

About Brooks Robinson:

Brooks is co-founder and CEO of Springbot, a technology start-up that leverages big data and marketing automation to deliver an eCommerce marketing platform for small & medium online businesses. Previously, Brooks was an Entrepreneur in Residence with the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech. From 2000 through 2011, Brooks was a co-founder of Cbeyond, where he held various leadership positions.


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Co-founder of the intrepidNOW Media Network, Todd Schnick is a media + business strategist and talk show host + producer. He is a former marketing strategist, national political operative, and lobbyist. Todd has published five books, writes a business + lifestyle column, is a distance runner, and lives in Chicago with his wife Stephanie + family.

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  1. Monique Mills

    Good interview. This is a fantastic company! Brooks helped me as a new startup last year finding development that could build my site on Magento. Great guy.

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