Tuesday 31 January 2023
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BEN HUSTON: How Car Vending Machines Will Disrupt the Auto Industry!

After listening to this, you will never buy a used car the same way again…

Ben 2Ben Huston is the director of market operations and co-founder of Carvana, a disruptive new voice in the auto industry challenging the traditional dealership model through online sales. In this role at the first internet-based auto retailer, Huston oversees the onsite operations for Carvana’s Atlanta Hub and Vending Machine as well as leads the strategic development and execution for geographic expansion and product development.

Today’s discussion topics:

1. How to disrupt one of the nation’s oldest and antiquated industries.

2. Why customer service is still king.

3. How to build a brand based on transparency and trust in an industry that is known for dishonesty and tricks.

4. Online shopping, how much are consumers willing to spend online sight unseen.

5. How to turn customers into brand advocates.

6. Car vending machines? Really? [this is awesome, btw…]


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