Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Alex Vidor: Mentors, better decision-making, and effecting change

A pleasure to welcome Alex Vidor to the studio for today’s show. Alex is the Business Development Lead for NowSight.

Alex Vidor, intrepidNOWDiscussion guide from today’s conversation:

1. A community by the beach is building a startup hub (Wilmington, NC).

2. Mentorship’s impact on one’s learning curve.

3. Seeing results rather than just data when making business decisions.

4. Effecting change in your company real-time.

5. Giving your front line the tools needed to improve their performance.

Bio, from Alex Vidor himself:

I’m Atlanta born and raised, attended Emory University, followed the family lineage and decided to major in German (and poly sci). Since graduating I’ve had a series of crash courses in entrepreneurship, including graduating from the NYC Techstars accelerator.

I’ve got a serious passion for startups and helping others. In my rare free time I go running, biking, but NOT swimming. I love traveling more than anything with one of my best experiences being rock climbing Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have the best German Shepherd named Heidi.


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