Thursday 1 June 2023
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Valuable ICD-10 Tool

#ICD10 Roundtable: Don von Rotz joins us to share his ICD-10 wisdom and to discuss ICDRemediator.

Host  Joe Lavelle

Guest Don von Rotz, Administrator, CEO and Founder, ICDRemediator

We discuss the following with Don on this episode::
  1. (3:27) Please tell us the story of what inspired you to create Remediator?
  2. (5:50) Who are your target customers? Is Remediator for Physician Practices, Hospitals or both?
  3. (7:22) We have already passed the October 1st implementation date for ICD-10? Why isn’t it too late to implement Remediator?
  4. (9:00) How do you think the industry is doing since the October 1 implementation date?
  5. (10:40) Do you think the industry can claim victory on ICD-10? When will we know if the transition has been successful?
  6. (11:18) What is next for Remediator?


Don founded in 1985, DVR has earned widespread recognition for our ability to integrate the most advanced object-oriented tools, knowledge navigation techniques and databases to provide our customers with applications that are expanding the envelope of technology. Over the years, our clients have found that while we can provide the expertise and resources of a large consulting firm, our emphasis is on responding to the special needs of each client. At DVR, we are proud of our reputation for responsiveness, innovation and resourcefulness. Our clients have learned that when we make a commitment we keep it. And when we say we will find a solution, we do it. (from


About Remediator™  
Remediator™ is a collection of 4 power tools Translator, Validator, Analyzer and Estimator, designed to aid with the CMS mandated transition to the lastest medical coding standard, ICD-10. Designed from the ground up, these tools used individually or collectively provide the fastest most accurate pathway for your organization to transition your systems to ICD-10. A partial list of typical remediation uses include: Benefits Configuration, Clinical Review, Provider Contracts, Research and Reporting-Analytics. Anywhere in your enterprise where existing ICD9 codes need to be remediated to ICD-10, Remediator will be there to help. (from


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