Tuesday 9 August 2022
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TOTALLY Awesome Progress in Palliative Care at ResolutionCare

TOTALLY Awesome Progress in Palliative Care at ResolutionCare

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Michael Fratkin, Founder and CEO of ResolutionCare

Dr. Fratkin re-joined us to update us on how his practice has incorporated telemedicine to deliver better and more accessible palliative care.  We are so excited to share their TOTALLY Awesome Progress in Palliative Care at ResolutionCare!

Specifically we discuss the following with Dr. Fratkin:

  1. (4:40) Will you help us understand the difference between hospice and palliative care?
  2. (7:29) Last time we talked about the advent of Value Based Payments, have you been able to implement Value Based programs yet at ResolutionCare? If not, when do you see yourself being able to?
  3. (11:10) We’ve been doing a series on Alzheimer’s on our show and I’ve been learning about person centered care. Will you talk about what person centered care means to you and to ResolutionCare?
  4. (15:13) I know it’s important to you to be a Community Based Business, will you tell us about your passion there?
  5. (19:12) As you build your community-based business, will you tell us how you are ensuring that the well-being of your employees is a cornerstone of ResolutionCare?
  6. (21:44) What’s next for ResolutionCare? What are you working on for your customers

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Check out our previous interview with Dr. Fratkin!


About ResolutionCare

We are responding to exploding demand for severely limited Palliative Care services as people face mortality within a fragmented and transforming health care system. ResolutionCare is a social enterprise that empowers Primary Care Providers and Patients with the confidence and skills to manage symptoms, guide shared choice making, and anchor care coordination in the Primary Care practice.” (from

Dr. Fratkin’s Bio

Father, husband, brother, son, and physician, Dr. Fratkin is dedicated to the well being of his community. Since completing his training, he has made his home and built his family in rural Northern California. He has served his community in primary care in a community clinic system, as a medical director of our local hospice, as a leader in the community hospital medical staff, and a transformative voice for improving the experience of people facing the end of life. At a time of great demographic and cultural change in our society, Dr. Fratkin has created ResolutionCare to insure capable and soulful care of everyone, everywhere as they approach the completion of life.

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