Tuesday 30 May 2023
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The Healthcare Podcasters Blab 1/11/16 Featuring Kate Warnock

Kate Warnock

We are excited to bring you this re-cap of The Healthcare Podcaster Blab from 1/11/16 featuring Todd Eury, host of the Pharmacy Podcast (@PharmacyPodcast), Janet Kennedy, host of Get Social Health (@GetSocialHealth), our Joe Lavelle (@Resultant) and Jared Johnson, host of The Health IT Marketer Podcast (@JaredPiano) .The Healthcare Podcaster Blab is a weekly show in which we explore current topics that we are seeing on our shows and in which we feature a special guest, often related to the topics being discussed.


Host Discussion Topic for This Week:  Exponential Medicine and the Intersection of Policy and Health Innovation


OUR SPECIAL GUEST  Kate Warnock, Social Media Manager for Guidewell. Kate manage all aspects of GuideWell’s social media presence for master brand and three subsidiaries, inclusive of setting strategy and tactical plans, community management and content creation, and analysis.

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The Healthcare Podcasters Blab 1/11/16 Featuring Kate Warnock:

Specifically, we discuss the following with Kate:

  1. Please provide a 10,000 foot overview of Guidewell
  2. Please describe your role – what you do as Social Media Manager?
  3. I have been very interested in something that you call the Guidewell Insights Lounge,  will you tell us what that is and how you use it?
  4. What are you finding are the most successful ways of connecting with your audience?
  5. Are you finding that podcasting is effective?
  6. Are there any tools (especially measurement tools) that you or your team are finding particularly effective?

Must see links from Kate:



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Social Media Manager, Social Media. Guidewell Insights Lounge


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